Melbourne Stars Vs Melbourne Renegades: Match Scorecard Revealed

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The Melbourne Stars versus the Melbourne Renegades is always an exciting match-up in the Big Bash League (BBL). The two Melbourne-based teams have a fierce rivalry that adds an extra spark to their encounters. In this blog post, we bring you a detailed analysis of the recent match between these two teams, focusing on the match scorecard and key highlights.

Match Overview:

The match between the Melbourne Stars and the Melbourne Renegades took place at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). Both teams were fired up and determined to claim victory in this crucial BBL fixture.

Match Scorecard:

Melbourne Stars Innings:

  • Batting Highlights:
  • Player 1: 55 runs off 40 balls
  • Player 2: 42 runs off 30 balls
  • Player 3: 30 runs off 22 balls
  • Total Score: 175 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 20 overs.

Melbourne Renegades Innings:

  • Bowling Highlights:
  • Bowler 1: 3 wickets for 25 runs in 4 overs
  • Bowler 2: 2 wickets for 30 runs in 3.5 overs
  • Total Score: 162 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in 20 overs.

Key Highlights:

  • The Melbourne Stars put up a competitive total of 175 runs on the board, with some solid contributions from their top-order batsmen.
  • The Melbourne Renegades faced early setbacks in their innings but fought back valiantly, with a lower-order partnership giving them hope.
  • A brilliant bowling performance from the Melbourne Stars bowlers restricted the Renegades to 162 runs, sealing a crucial victory for the Stars.

Player of the Match:

  • The Player of the Match award went to Player 1 from the Melbourne Stars for their impressive half-century and crucial contribution with the bat.

Match Analysis:

  • The Melbourne Stars dominated both the batting and bowling departments, showcasing their all-round strength in the match.
  • The Melbourne Renegades will look to regroup and come back stronger in the upcoming fixtures, addressing their shortcomings from this match.


Q1: When was the last time Melbourne Stars won the BBL title?
A: The Melbourne Stars won their first Big Bash League (BBL) title in the 2019-20 season.

Q2: How many times have the Melbourne Renegades won the BBL title?
A: The Melbourne Renegades clinched their first BBL title in the 2018-19 season.

Q3: Who holds the record for the highest individual score in a Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades match?
A: Player X holds the record for the highest individual score in a Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades match with X runs.

Q4: Which venue hosts the most Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades matches?
A: The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the iconic venue that hosts most of the Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades clashes.

Q5: Who are some of the star players to watch out for in the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades squads?
A: Players like AB de Villiers (Melbourne Stars) and Aaron Finch (Melbourne Renegades) are key players to watch out for in these two teams.

The Melbourne Stars versus Melbourne Renegades match always delivers high-octane cricket action, and fans can expect more thrilling encounters between these two teams in the future.



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